Thursday, October 14, 2010

Field-Study 3: Technology in The Learning Environment

The Field-Study 3: Technology in The Learning Environment gave me enriching experiences in developing and utilizing appropriate technology to facilitate learning. It gave me exposure and hands on opportunities with the use of information and communications technology.
 I learned to identify and classify resources that facilitate teaching and learning process. I can appraise the effectiveness of displays and learning resources. I can now design a bulletin board display; I learned also to determine the appropriateness of teaching aids to learning task. I believe that I can now develop and utilize materials which involve students in meaningful learning. I learned also to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of a slide presentation in facilitating the teaching-learning process. And lastly, I can now determine the appropriateness of the internet resources to learning task.
 This FS helped me to be in focus about the technology in the learning environment. It’s preparing me for the future.
‘Till the next journey of FS.

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